Language: Only English-language papers are accepted.

Page format: Manuscripts should be formatted as A4-sized Microsoft Word documents with 1-inch margins on all four sides and single columns of Times New Roman (font size 12). References and tables should all have one space between lines. Tables and values should be arranged in the manuscript’s table/image myths order. Text must fit on no more than 30 printed pages. There will be fees for extra pages.

Manuscript title: The title of the manuscript should be a succinct sentence.

Author info: Include the full names, affiliations, email addresses, and phone numbers of all authors in the author information section.

Abstract: No more than 300 words should be used in the abstract. A list of keywords and acronyms should be supplied after the abstract. No more than seven should be present. The summary is only used when a word is long or unfamiliar.

Introduction: A concise explanation of the topics at hand should be included in the introduction.

Materials and Methods: Clearly specify this section.

Results and discussion: Authors have the option of combining the two into a single section or presenting them separately.

Recognition: This section contains a summary, information on the grant, and funding.

References: These should be listed in the manuscript’s final section in the order that they appeared in the text. In the text, references should be listed in brackets with the abbreviation et al., for example, single author (Rahul, S. 2018) or multiple author (Rahul et al., 2018). References must be cited using the APA style.

Publication Fee: If a paper is approved for publication, the authors are expected to pay publication fees.

Proofreading and publication: Prior to publication, proofs will be supplied to the corresponding author. To avoid any mistakes, authors should thoroughly analyze the evidence before returning it to the editing office. This document will soon be published by the editorial department.