The Global Academic & Scientific Publishers are dedicated to disseminating works of the highest caliber that make major contributions to literature and public policy. Each manuscript is evaluated based on a rigorous process:

  1. Based on the facts currently available, a recognized editorial board member will perform an initial evaluation of the paper’s overall quality and diversity. The initial evaluation also takes into account the articles that are included in the instructions for the paper’s structure.
  2. After the designated internal editor board certifies that the presentation is appropriate, it is sent to two anonymous peer reviewers for feedback.
  3. The reviewer will mark the following six categories and provide commentary:
  • Uniqueness and originality of the paper.
  • The significance of the research question and the knowledge gap
  • The framework’s conceptual, technical, or methodological soundness
  • The discussion in the result and discussion areas is insightful.
  • The paper’s contribution
  • Scholarly writing caliber

4. Within one or two weeks of the submission, a decision will be made regarding it when the final reviewer’s remarks have been received.