Horace’s Views of Philosophy, Logic, and Art are a Mere Continuation of Plato and Aristotle

Abstract: It is argued, on a variety of evidence, that Horace is a mere continuation of earlier philosophers like Plato, and Aristotle. In order to evaluate and judge such a claim, we need to comprehend the relationship between these three philosophers and read profoundly in ancient Greek philosophy. This research paper attempts to investigate the correlation between Plato, Aristotle, and Horace in terms of their points about the philosophy of a state, art, and function of poetry. It also aims to analyze their political views about the state, logic, laws, and the role of art to serve the state. Further, it seeks to answer the question of to what extent Horace is a continuation of Plato and Aristotle. Moreover, this research paper is an attempt to examine the similarities, differences, and arguments between these philosophers and how they developed the history of literary criticism.

       Keywords: Ancient Greek, Logic, Poetry, Art, State, Criticism, Laws, Theory of Forms.

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