Investigating the Research Challenges in the Arab World

Abstract:  Scientific research is fundamental for knowledge development, yet researchers in the Arab world face many challenges that prevent productivity. This study aimed to analyze obstacles faced by Arab researchers across the region, including Palestine. A mixed methods approach gathered insights from a questionnaire of 86 Arab scholars, in-depth interviews with three researchers, and a literature review. Results showed limited research spending, averaging 0.5% of GDP versus 2-4% in developed nations. Deficient facilities, equipment shortages, and brain drain also constrained productivity. Moreover, academic freedom and support for new ideas were lacking. Publications in top journals were few. Initiatives are urgently needed to increase funding, upgrade infrastructure, improve training, boost private sector linkages, enhance intellectual liberty, and refresh the Arab research environment. Offering the appropriate funds and training can help Arab nations reclaim their rich history of scientific excellence. The researcher provided recommendations based on the results.

Keywords: Research Challenges, Arab Scholars, Rsearch Fund, Research Infrastructure, Research Development,

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