Water utility networks in the COVID-19 era


Abstract:  The public services have been the objective of research in the literature on governance since it was proposed to conceptualize them as common goods and thus be able to anticipate scenarios of collaboration and solidarity, but in the case of water supply and the payment of tariffs the panorama is complex since in the more developed cities the policies of tariff increase have been favorable while in the suburbs and rural areas it has been a catastrophe. The objective of this paper is to discuss such issues, investigating the contributions of literature and its proximity to the meanings of the actors. A non-experimental, cross-sectional and exploratory study was carried out with a non-probabilistic selection of informants from different sectors. An integral meaning that would contribute to governance was found, but the type of study, sampling and analysis can only be applicable to the interviewees, suggesting the inclusion of other more complex categories such as hyperopia and helplessness.

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