Effect of Management Information System on Performance of Food and Beverages Companies in North Central Nigeria

Abstract: This study looked at how North Central Nigerian food and beverage enterprises performed in relation to their management information system. The study specifically looked at how the organizational performance of food and beverage industries in North Central Nigeria was affected by decision support systems, process control systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and human resource planning systems. The study used a cross-sectional survey approach that included six North Central Nigerian food and beverage enterprises. Eight hundred and one employees from the six companies made up the study’s population. The study determined that 267 respondents would make up the sample size using Taro Yamene’s formula. Data were gathered using a closed-ended questionnaire on a five-point Likert scale. The hypotheses were tested using regression analysis with the help of SPSS. The study discovered that the food and beverage enterprises in North Central Nigeria perform significantly better when they have decision support, process control, enterprise resource planning, and human resource planning systems in place. Thus, the study came to the conclusion that management information systems had a favorable and significant impact on the performance of food and beverage enterprises in North Central Nigeria. This study suggests a slight rise in the effort aimed at improving staff members’ skills in managing information system utilization, given the ongoing advancements in technology that necessitate skill updates.

      Keywords: Decision Support System, Process Control System, Enterprise Resource Planning, System, Human Resource Planning System, Organisational performance

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