Explaining Some Colophons of Divane Kabir’s Manuscripts

Abstract: “Colophon” is one of the most important parts of manuscripts and it is indeed their certificate. So, it is necessary to consider different part of it. Divan-e-kabir is one of the Mevlana’s books, transcribed repeatedly during the history so that different manuscripts of it are available. Among the numerous manuscripts, by the late ninth century, 12 manuscripts have colophons. In this paper, the various parts of these colophons is considered, for example: language of colophon, date of transcription, scribe and so on. One of the most important things that is needed to be done is providing images of colophon and having a precision look at the parts of them. But this has not been observed up to now in the catalogue of manuscripts. In this paper, after precise consideration of colophons, some points that were neglected are achieved, for example the oldest manuscript among those which have colophons is found.

      Keywords: Colophon, Manuscript, Divane Kabir, Date Of Transcription, Scribe.

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