Research Methodology in Undergraduate Students

Vol – 2 | Issue – 3 | March – 2024

Abstract:  Developing and succoring undergraduate research vigor gladden academic institutions, faculty mentors and students. As the world progresses, further research is coercive to accelerate knowledge and novelty in all domains. Introduction of research methodology in undergraduate curriculum has been a trending topic since long. But, trivial effort has been oriented towards achieving this dream. Research experience at undergraduate level is capped to doing research project under the supervision of faculty. It is imperative that undergraduate students must be prepared for current knowledge-intensive world. Undergraduate research basically teaches students research methods and help them knowledge acquisition that they can employ beyond academe. Sparse information is available about pedagogical approaches to ennoble undergraduates literacy of research methods. Research methodology in routine curriculum lends groundwork and inculcates stimulus for research among undergraduate students and introduces them with reasoning capabilities. Key to successful undergraduate research participation is to sense substance of rigor, academic ideals and responsible research conduct. Capacitance in research has a lasting dent on valued cognitive growth as undergraduate students prepare for professional service. This paper discusses values and benefits of undergraduate students participating in research and scientific publishing as well as challenges they face. The present paper discusses challenges and benefits of learning research methodology at undergraduate level. Few suggestions have also been proffered to embolden undergraduates to venture on research.

       Keywords: Undergraduate research, scientific publishing, research methods, project based learning, research methodology

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