Swell Pressure Predict from Shrinkage Limit

Abstract:  Extensive areas around the world are covered by clay soils of high swelling potential. These clays are now well known as active clays due to their behaviour with volume changes according to their moisture content. The purpose of this laboratory investigation was to examine the geotechnical behavior as many as possible active soils throughout the Greek mainland and islands. For this, grain size analyses, Atterberg limits, shrinkage limits tests, swell pressure in the oedometer, in disturbed and undisturbed soil samples have been investigated in order to correlate swell pressure and shrinkage limit, two variables which are water dependable, and if it is possible from shrinkage limits tests to estimate swell pressure, and the results were very promising.

       Keywords: Swelling Clay, Swelling Pressure, Shrinkage Limit, Geotechnical Properties.

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