Using Mind Mapping to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills: Exploring its Efficiency in the Palestinian Curriculum for 12th Grade

Abstract: Introduction: Despite its proven based- efficiency in developing reading comprehension skills, mind mapping isn’t included as a regular reading routine in the Palestinian curriculum lesson planning for 12th-grade students due to the shortage of studies investigating its impact on them. This study supports integrating the mind-mapping as a reading strategy to develop students’ reading skills.

Aims: The research aimed to 1) Investigate the impact of using mind mapping as a reading strategy. 2) Suggest mind mapping as an easy efficient tool for enhancing reading skills. 3) Raise attention to mind mapping as an applicable strategy in Palestinian reading classes. 4) record the student’s attitudes to use mind mapping as a reading strategy.

Method: Following the Action research plan, a mixed methods approach combined questionnaires and pre-posttests of 16 girls who are in the 12th grade. The tests assess their understanding of an external text in Inferring, referring, detecting the main idea, classifying, and finding information skills. Results are analyzed via the Palestinian Ministry of Education program for exams. The tests are designed by a group of English teachers in the Ramallah Directorate, and the questionnaire is set by the researcher to probe student’s attitudes and responses. The intervention plan is conducted by training students on using mind mapping in four reading sessions on different texts chosen from their textbooks.

Results: The results show remarkable improvement in reading comprehension high scores from 22.5% to 72%. Furthermore, 65% of students report a positive experience in using mind mapping as an effective method of reading comprehension.

Recommendations: policymakers and English teachers in Palestine should develop reading comprehension lesson plans integrating mind mapping as a regular strategy that aims to develop students’ reading comprehension skills in English as a second language.

      Keywords: Reading Comprehension, mind mapping, English for Palestine, Education in Palestine,

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