The Effects of Transplanting (Planting) Dates on Incidence of Crop Pests.  Min Review

Vol – 2 | Issue – 3 | March – 2024

Abstract: The main review purpose this paper provides updated information on the effect of different transplanting (planting) dates on the infestation of crops insect pets were carried out at different areas by different investigators. The results different trials conducted in different agro ecological zone revealed that the damage was higher and yield decrease were recorded in late planted cops and the damage was gradually yield increase in early planted crops in season. Management systems for different crop insects’ pest involving variations in different planting date were compared to evaluate their influence on insect pests’ damage and yield of crops. The results the data from transplanting (Planting) time helped to formulate projects on management of insect pests based on their damage and economic threshold levels. The data will also help in developing a forecast model for major pests of crops which in turn will help in taking timely management practices. Early transplanted (planted) crops compared with late transplanted (planted) significantly increase yield, growth parameters and decrease insect pest damage incidence. Different trials studies indicated that transplanted (planted) has pronounced positive effect on management of insect pests and growth of crops.

       Keyword: Crops, Transplanting date, Green leaf yield, Insect damage

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