Traditional Education and Modern Teaching in Somaliland: A Comprehensive Review

Dec – 2023

Abstract:  This paper attempts to critically examine the approaches of Traditional and Modern Education, given that modernity in education is a Western invention, Western educational models have played a significant role in helping many nations successfully transition to modernity and achieve educational success. However, such forms may coexist alongside traditional cultures with differing degrees of unease, like in African nations, providing access to different worldviews. The main objective of the study is to study the development of values in the education curriculum concerning tradition and modernization. This review study comprises the results of the previously published article on traditional education and Modern teaching. The dilemma of Somaliland’s education institutions not catering to local development priorities is a major challenge facing the country. It is a challenge that must be addressed if Somaliland is to achieve its educational development goals. The strengths and weaknesses of Somaliland education are discussed, and readers’ attention is directed to possible areas for further study.

       Keywords: Contemporary education, traditional teaching, modernization.

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