The Role of Somaliland Lawyers in Human Rights Protection

Abstract:   This looks in summary to the role and responsibilities of Somaliland lawyers in human rights protection. This article begins with an introduction of the problem at hand with an overview of human rights in Somaliland, after that it moves into defining exactly what human rights are, and defining who the human right protectors are and what they do to protect human rights and how they themselves deserve to be protected while performing their duties, as well as an overview of the available mechanisms for human rights protection both locally and internationally, after that the article takes a look at the historical context of the human rights situation in Somaliland and conceptualizes human rights protection in Somaliland looking at the foremost important components of human rights including children’s rights, women’s rights, prisoner’s rights, and minority rights. The thesis takes a look at the effective strategies that should be employed by lawyers and law firms to protect human rights and fight against violations.

On the basis of research findings, the following recommendations are put way forward to empower Somaliland lawyers to protect human rights, awareness at the community level, increase the awareness arising on human rights, help people get access to their rights and increasing government engagement to the stake holder outside of urban areas. Develop agents of human rights protection among traditional leaders, elders, community leaders, teachers, politicians, government officials and international agencies.

      Keywords: Human rights protection, Human rights violations, Lawyers

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