A Pragmatic Approach to the Translation of the Qur’an in Relation to Modern Technology

Abstract: This research titled “A Pragmatic Approach to the Translation of the Qur’an in Relation to Modern Technology” sets to explore some selected verses of the Qur’an in relation to scientific discoveries that were already revealed to the Prophet Muhammad that prove the theories. Translation of the Qur’an is achieved by using some verses, hadiths of Prophet Muhammad , his companions and experts in the field of translation. The translation is a process of transforming a text from Arabic to English, French language and other languages of the world. The concept of equivalence and/or correspondence to other languages especially because of the cultural component of languages, translation specialists and theorists have frequently found Arabic to be a challenging subject. Each language sees things from a different perspective but the label is the same. The researcher noted that translating a voluminous text like that of the Qur’an poses various difficulties in finding equivalences and/or correspondences in translation. The researcher applies the theory of meaning and interpretative approach to arrive at a contextual, meaningful and acceptable translation. The author observed that the goal of the translation process is to find equivalencies, which is only feasible since every language has a unique perspective.

      Keywords: Translation, Equivalence, Qur’an, Modern Technology, Pragmatics

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