Eradicating Polio, Preventing Tuberculosis, Cataract, Infant Mortality through Social Marketing


Abstract:  This paper discusses the threats of Polio, Tuberculosis, Cataract and Infant mortality on the health of the society that hampers in the way as weak indicator of country’s development. The situation is quite challenging, however, it is being tackled by meticulous planning with an aim and target through various programmes, projects and campaigns by the organizations and the government. Moreover, it required social mobilization, education and awareness in coordination of agencies for improvement in health infrastructure. The government is facilitating free check-up camps and supplying free medicines. The organizations are undertaking the projects successfully and health workers are reaching out to every single person in the remotest place in the country. It resulted into eradication of Polio, Prevention of Tuberculosis and treatment of Cataract and reduction in infant mortality with nutrition to infants and mothers to overcome malnutrition. Hence, a comprehensive change of improvised health and hygiene has been seen in India.

    Keywords: Infant mortality, development indicator, meticulous planning, social mobilization, eradication, prevention, malnutrition

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