A Study of Awareness of Fintech Usage and Perception among Investors in South Mumbai

Abstract:   This research paper investigates the awareness and perception of financial technology (fintech) usage among investors in South Mumbai. Authored by Mrs. Mamta Shukla and Dr. Jaya Prem Manglani from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, the study aims to understand the extent of fintech adoption, factors influencing its usage, and sources of information relied upon for online trading. Through a mixed-methods approach, including quantitative surveys and secondary data analysis, the study reveals insights into the demographic distribution, investment preferences, knowledge levels, and key drivers for online trading decisions among respondents. The findings suggest a growing trend towards fintech adoption, particularly driven by factors such as convenience, financial literacy, and trust. The study provides valuable implications for financial institutions, policymakers, and fintech companies to enhance their services and foster financial inclusion among investors in South Mumbai.

      Keywords: Fintech, Financial technology, South Mumbai, Investor perception, Fintech adoption, Online trading, Financial literacy, Convenience, Trust, Investment preferences.

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