Deconstructing the Signifiers and Signifieds in Tagore’s Gitanjali

Abstract:   Rabindranath Tagore’s “Gitanjali” stands as a seminal work of spiritual poetry, delving into profound themes of love, devotion, and the human quest for transcendence. This paper aims to deconstruct the signifiers and signifieds within “Gitanjali”, examining the symbolic, metaphorical, and imagistic elements that contribute to its rich textile of meaning. Key terms such as symbolism, metaphor, allegory, imagery, and sensory perception will be explored in the context of Tagore’s poetry, shedding light on the deeper philosophical insights embedded within his verses. Through a comprehensive analysis of these literary devices, this paper seeks to provide a nuanced understanding of “Gitanjali” and its enduring relevance in the realm of spiritual literature.

Keywords: Symbolism, Metaphor, Imagery, Allegory, Sensory Perception.

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