From Pulpit to Profit: The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Pentecostalism in Abuja, Nigeria

Abstract:   This study explores the connection of religion and entrepreneurship in Abuja, Nigeria focusing on the Pentecostal movement. Studies on Pentecostalism have been approached from several ideologies. This paper focuses on how Pentecostalism has evolved from a purely religious phenomenon to a significant economic force driven by entrepreneurial religion. The study uncovers various ways in which mega pastors embraced entrepreneurship, turning religious beliefs into profitable ventures. The paper draws on qualitative data from in-depth interviews with key informants and focus group discussions. This study will combine historical, descriptive and analytical methods of data collection and analysis. Also, primary and secondary sources of data will be used for the study. Primary data will be generated through interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with some of the mega pastors, their members and theological scholars. Secondary data will be sourced from relevant journals, published books, magazines, newspapers. Interviews with local religious leaders, community members, and scholars in Abuja. Media content analysis of prominent religious programs and publications will be carefully analyzed. This study is particularly significant as it contributes to previous research on religion and entrepreneurship while espousing Pentecostalism’s leverage on Entrepreneurship to drive economic development, social transformation and innovation in Abuja, Nigeria.

      Keywords: Entrepreneurial Religion, Pentecostalism, Mega Pastors, Abuja, Nigeria

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