Equipping Historians for Addressing the Influence of AI on Leadership Education

Abstract: This research delves into the necessity of preparing historians to navigate the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on leadership education. With AI technologies increasingly shaping historical research and leadership dynamics, historians play a vital role in contextualizing historical trends, nurturing critical thinking abilities, and fostering ethical awareness within AI-driven contexts. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and employing innovative pedagogical strategies, historians can seamlessly incorporate AI tools into historical scholarship and leadership education curricula. This integration en-riches our comprehension of the past while equipping future leaders with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the digital era. Embracing AI as a valuable tool for historical investigation and leadership development, historians contribute to a more informed and adaptable approach to leader-ship education, ultimately promoting responsible and ethical leadership practices for the betterment of society.

      Keywords: Historians, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Leadership Education, Navigating, Impact

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