Investigating the Link: Does Chewing Khat Cause Psychotic Behavior in Somali Men?

Dec – 2023

Abstract:  This Short Commentary delves into the ongoing debate surrounding the potential connection between chewing khat and psychotic behavior among Somali men. Khat, a stimulant leaf native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, has long been a subject of contention due to anecdotal accounts suggesting a link between its consumption and episodes of psychosis. However, scientific evidence supporting this link remains inconclusive, with studies yielding mixed results. This abstract explores the cultural significance of khat chewing in Somali society and examines the contextual factors that may influence its perceived association with psychotic behavior. It emphasizes the need for nuanced understanding and culturally sensitive interventions to address this complex issue effectively.

       Keywords: Khat, East Africa, Psychotic Behavior, Somali Society, Health effects.

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