MGNREGA: Its Role In Development Of Rural India


Abstract:India without the rural part is unimaginable. According to World Bank, Rural population of India was 64.13% in 2022 i.e. more than half of the total population lives in rural area. Moreover in India,19.28% of people in rural areas are suffering from poverty(National Multidimensional poverty Index-A Progress Review 2023,18-07-2023).So eradication of poverty of rural area can be done through provision of employment to the unemployed in that region. For this purpose Government of India has been implementing a numbers of Policies Including Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGs). The Policy is the milestone in the history of employment generation in India which is working relentlessly in current scenario also. Through this policy Government of India is successfully improving the standard of life of the rural poor.

Keywords: Rural Development, Unemployment, poverty, MGNREGA, Active workers, Poor population, Standard of life.

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