Pedagogical Tools and Methodology of Special TeachingInterventions for Specific Learning Difficulties [SLDS]

Abstract: The purpose of this study focuses on pedagogical tools with emphasis on the methodology of special didactic intervention according to the Targeted Individual Structured didactically differentiated, integrative, pedagogical program of special education interventions TISDIPofSEIs for the students with Specific learning difficulties [SLDS]. Our literature study examines the reading, writing and spelling skills of people with learning disabilities with hetero observations and informal pedagogical assessment. Those recorded as significantly lower than the expected level and average of the class and supported by the pedagogical methodology of special teaching interventions. Because the insufficient development of individual language skills combined with the difficulty of handling abstract concepts and the inability to organize ideas and knowledge in memory, make oral and written expression a particularly demanding and difficult task for students of all ages with learning difficulties. In conclusion, with the pedagogical tools according the methodology of special didactic interventions students with SLDs support effectively who have difficulty making words, creating grammatically correct sentences, organizing paragraphs to compose a story, writing their thoughts and writing a text in logical order [1, p. 273].

Keywords: Pedagogical Tools, Methodology οf Special Teaching Intervention, Learning Difficulties.

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