Agri Demo Farm Mapping With Geoferencing

Abstract: The study aimed to develop a Central Philippines State University Agri-demo farm mapping with georeferencing using a free mapping application programming interface by Google map API integrated with the Leaflet library. The system allows users to provide comments and ratings for the demo farms. The researcher followed a developmental research methodology agile approach model under the software development life cycle to create the system. Evaluation using 8 characteristics of the Software Quality Model from ISO/IEC for IT experts and 5 characteristics of Quality in use of ISO/IEC for users showed that the developed system was usable and of good quality. It is recommended to be adopted by the university, with future researchers adding functionality or features based on their objectives and upgrading the map since the researcher used only the free version of Google Maps.

     Keywords: Agile, Agri-Tourism, Demo farm, Geoferencing, Mapping, Web-based.

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