Examining the Contributions of Religion to Public Discourse on Good Governance in Nigeria

Abstract:   Religion plays a pivotal role in shaping public discourse on good governance in Nigeria, a country marked by religious diversity with Islam and Christianity as predominant faiths. This abstract provides a review of the interplay between religion and governance in Nigeria, exploring how religious beliefs, values, and institutions influence policies, public opinion, and societal norms. Through a multifaceted analysis, it examines the challenges and opportunities arising from religion’s involvement in governance discourse, considering factors such as sectarianism, religious extremism, and the pursuit of social justice. Drawing on Nigeria’s complex ethno-religious landscape and historical context, the abstract underscores the need for nuanced approaches to navigating the intersection of religion and governance. By examining case studies and contemporary challenges, it aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of religion’s role in shaping public discourse on good governance in Nigeria and explores pathways for promoting more inclusive and effective governance practices.

     Keywords: Religion, Public discourse, Good governance, Religious diversity, Institutions, Policies, Societal norms, Social justice.

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