Expansion of Gig and Platform Economy in India


Abstract:  India having a huge population and favourable age distribution and is one of the uprising economic forces of the world. Due to its limitation in Employment generation in conventional sector, the workforce is changing their path to   gig-works from conventional works. The gig works are the temporary paid jobs done by the workers part time or full. Over the past decade, the extent of gig economy is rising day by day. The gig works are helping the workers to get an alternative option of conventional works. It also helps the marginal workers like-women, person with disability to get works according to their own conditions like suitable part-time jobs for housewives etc. As a new-age phenomenon, the gig works are expanding its way due to its higher elasticity of works and making its way to almost all the sectors of the economy leading to economic growth.

Keywords: Age distribution, Conventional sector, Gig works, Marginal workers, Platform workers, Expansion, Economic growth.

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