Explaining Some Fundamentals of Translation Technology

Abstract:   Modern translation requires translation technologies such as Computer-Aided Translation tools which eases the difficulties encountererd by translators. The goal of CAT tools is to to assist translators in increasing their productivity and improving the quality of their work. This article, highlights the need to have a foundation on which the translator undertakes a study of translation technology and its multiple approaches. Despite the advancement of technology, most translators are not yet familiar with the use of machines that support them to translate hence translators must have the knowledge of translation technology in order to achieve terminology management, consistency and speed in translating huge tasks. The research examined rigorously some fundamentals of Translation Technology by investigating and showing its genesis, definitions, concepts and classifications that support a translator to execute his task. The researcher applies descriptive approach and interpretative theory of translation. The research explored some fundamentals of translation technology that assist the translator in easing the task of the translation process.  Finally, the researcher found out that there is an urgent need for translators to use modern technology, more especially translation technology that assist and facilitate the translation process. Some of these technologies include Computer-Assisted Translation tools, Terminology Management System, Translation Memory and Neural Machine Translation (which uses Artificial Intelligence) that is currently the best machine translation.

      Keywords: Translation Technology, Computer-Assisted Translation, Machine Translation, Statistical Machine Translation and Neural Machine Translation.

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