The Effect of K-Pop Music on the Concentration Level among College Students


Abstract: K-pop music has been one of the most influential contemporary musical genres nowadays. Hence, curiosities on its educational benefits aroused the interest of this paper. This experimental study aimed to determine if K-pop music has a significant effect on the concentration level among college students. 32 participants consisted of 16 males and 16 females were randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups. A reading comprehension test with a good internal reliability (Cronbach’s alpha of 0.88) was utilized to measure the concentration level of the students. K-pop music was selected based on the recently awarded songs. Independent Sample T-test were used to analyse the data. The results suggested rejection of the null hypothesis while highlighting the possible academic or educational benefits of Kpop music. Hence, the data showed that K-pop music positively affected the concentration level of the college students. This indicated that listening to music while taking a test can boost the college’s students reading comprehension. Further, there seems to be no significant difference in terms of the participant’s socio-demographic characteristics in terms of their concentration level as affected by K-pop music.
Keywords: K-pop Music, Concentration, Music, K-pop, Reading Comprehension

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