The Perceiver Trait in Leadership as an Important FIKR (Facet, Insight, Knowledge, and Resilience) Personality Profiling: A Review from the Literature

Abstract:  Purpose: This short note presents a novel approach to leadership selection by reviewing all available literature on the‘ Perceiver Personality’ in the Scopus database. We propose the usage of the perceiver trait in FIKR (Facet, Insight, Knowledge and Resilience) personality profiling (PP) to identify the most suitable leader in an organization. Our carefully considered and logically sound proposal aims to convince you of its validity.

Methodology: Our research, conducted on 30 April 2024, was a comprehensive exploration using the Scopus database and the keywords ‘Perceiver Personality’ in the article title. We performed meticulous bibliometric analyses using VOSviewer, a tool that generates clear graphical representations of bibliometric maps, to ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of our findings.

Findings: A total of 22 papers was reached using the Scopus database search, which had high relevancy. Based on the visualization of the paper network confirming the main research themes, from 1962 to 2024, there has been no word on ‘Perceiver’ found in the 22 papers in any of the 78 items from the 7 major clusters. This indicates that Perceiver is not focused as a dominant personality trait in the past literature. However, our present study proposes a novel perspective, suggesting that the personality traits of high-perceiver leaders possess traits of adaptability and open-mindedness, curiosity and continuous learning, empathy and emotional intelligence, and vision and problem-solving. This underscores the importance of Perceiver as an important PT that holds a reasonable novelty in selecting the best leader in an organization, a topic of significant relevance in the field of leadership and personality profiling.

Unique contribution to theory, practice and policy: Hence, there is a rationale to propose and to highlight the use of Perceiver trait among others under FIKR PP profiling in selecting the best leaders of an organization. Therefore, this has become a novelty in the present paper.

      Keywords: FIKR, Personal trait, Perceiver; Leadership.

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