Effective Management and Academic Achievement: A Study on Leadership Style


Abstract:    Education is the process of enriching learning, or the emergence of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, habits among scholars. Quality education depends on quality curriculum and productive management system of the institution. In the world of 21st century, there is a great demand of effective leaders for educational organizations. This paper aims to introduce suitable leadership style for effective educational management and its impact towards improving academic achievement. This academic evaluation examines some previously established literature for achieving the research objectives and provides a theoretical understanding of it. This paper begins with a concise overview of Leadership Style, followed by its review of related literature. It depicts that transformational, democratic leadership style has an immense role in efficacious management towards academic excellence. This article also suggests for an application of different leadership styles in management based on situational favorableness, diverse work culture and the level of its followers.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Leadership style, Management, Quality Education.

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