The Impact of Social Media on the Framing and Dissemination of News Coverage

Dec – 2023

Abstract: This study investigates the impact of social media on news framing and dissemination through a mixed-methods approach. The research combines quantitative analysis of news articles, a survey of social media users, and interviews with media professionals. Key findings of this study suggest, social media plays a significant role in news consumption, particularly for younger generations. Social media content tends to be shorter and more visually appealing than traditional news articles. Social media users are aware of the potential biases and limitations of social media news. Demographic factors influence how individuals consume and evaluate news on social media. Media professionals acknowledge the impact of social media on news framing and dissemination. The findings highlight a complex and multifaceted relationship between social media and news, with both potential benefits and drawbacks. Social media offers opportunities for increased news consumption, engagement, and reach, but also raises concerns about bias, misinformation, and ethical implications. Moving forward, media organizations and platforms need to adapt to the evolving landscape and collaborate to ensure responsible and effective news dissemination.

Keywords: Social Media, News Consumption, News Framing, Misinformation, Disinformation, Audience Engagement, Interaction

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